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Ocean State Cleaning, Inc. - Services We Offer

Want worry-free cleaning services for your business? Call us today. 401-732-7856

Lobby and Public Space Cleaning

Your Lobby is the face of your business. It needs to be clean in order to make the right impression with those walking through your doors.  We'll keep your lobby and public spaces looking the best they can be. 


Office and Building Cleaning

Whether you need day cleaning or night cleaning for your office or facility, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done.  We will provide you with an in-depth quality control plan to keep your work space always looking its best. 

Kitchen And Dining Room Cleaning

Keeping your kitchen and dining area clean is a big part of running an eating establishment. We can help you maintain a hygienic commercial kitchen and keep your dining area clean and ready to go.  


Restroom Cleaning

Nothing is more important to your employees and customers as a clean restroom.  We have special procedures for cleaning restrooms to keep them clean and sanitized and to prevent cross contamination. 

Construction Clean-up

As beautiful as that new house is, or as nice as the renovations to an older home or work space are, construction makes a mess.  From sticker residue on windows to the fine particles of wood and plaster dust on surfaces, we fully understand what it takes to clean up the mess. 


Floor Care

Floor care is probably one of your company's biggest cleaning challenges. From vacuuming and washing to stripping, re-coating and buffing, we are well versed in all aspects of floor care.  We are also knowledgeable concerning the many different floor types and any special cleaning techniques needed to keep them looking their best.  A good floor cleaning plan will help extend the life of your flooring while helping to keep it looking great.  

The Hidden Costs of Hiring the Lowest Bidder

Choosing the lowest-bidder can often be costly in the end. In order to offer the lowest price, providers will have to cut costs. This certainly will affect the quality of the service being provided and you, the client, is the one who pays the price.

Some cost-cutting measures used by low-bidders include:

  • Using inexpensive vacuums without the proper filtration.  This may leave dirt and dust in the air contributing to allergies and ear/nose/throat irritations. This dirt and dust will resettle on surfaces making your space seem dirty again quickly after the cleaning was performed. 
  • Providing cleaning crews with cheap cleaning equipment makes their efforts less effective overall. Cheap cleaning equipment makes it harder for the cleaning crew to do the best job possible, no matter how hard they try. 
  • Providing cleaning chemicals that are low-quality and/or watered down. Cheap cleaning products are ineffective and do not clean as well as top-quality products. 
  • Restroom surfaces cannot be sanitized correctly when watered down cleaning products are used. This increases the chance of cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses into the work space. 
  • Cheap labor may be hired which increases the chances that the cleaning crew sent to your business will be inexperienced and not trained properly. 
  • Staff may be misclassified as independent contractors to avoid costly payroll taxes and insurance, or worse, staff may be undocumented workers being paid less than the going wage. 

It makes sense to do your homework before choosing a commercial cleaning provider. Hiring the lowest-bidder is not always the best plan and can be more costly in the end. Energy and effort spent on micro-managing your service provider to make sure they are giving you the level of service you need and expect is time and money wasted. Hire a truly professional cleaning service like Ocean State Cleaning and avoid these headaches.  Call us today at 401-732-7856.